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welcome to GALA OPTICS

Eyes are one of the most beautiful gifts bestowed upon us human beings, but we seldom realize the importance of eyes until something goes wrong. Protecting your eyes and caring for them is not difficult at all. With just a little care, your eyes can sparkle with health and you would be proud of your twinkling assets. And we at “GALA OPTICS” want you to take better care of your eyes . Read through the booklet for tips on how to keep your eyes healthy and smiling all the time.

When we talk about caring for eyes at that time the optician to whom you can cofidentally rely for eye care of your self and family so your ideal optician wont be a retail service provider. The choice of an optician will be done carefully as your family doctor. It’s a different thing this sort of of business person who can really take care of eyes are the rare ones.

At this unique grade comes “Gala Optics” S. V Road Borivali (W) an ideal scientific eye care showroom, here we dispense finest variety of spectacles, but also sees that customer is fully satisfied with an every bit of work effort.